About our online store

"Patriotism", "Nationalism". These are not just words but an emotion like happiness, grief , anger which is always there inside us and we choose a way, a medium to express it.

Here at Camo Merch, we are presenting you your own medium to express your patriotism with our range of different products with different designs. We started with youtube channel featuring videos on defence and national affairs, we got your support and now we are a team of half of a million. We have came this far and have a long way to go. You can refer our youtube channel to see the culture we are promoting, the future we are building and we invite you to be a part of us and we will explore together.

With every purchase you make, you are participating in nation's upliftment as for every sell we make, we will donate (Rs. 10 - Rs 100) to armed forces. This is our medium to show our patriotism. You can choose your own with any of our product.

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